BJ Penn vs Frankie Edgar II set for UFC 118 in Boston

Fighter’s Only Magazine is reporting that BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar will meet again very soon. The two whom fought at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi, where Edgar took the belt from Penn, will rematch in the UFC’s inaugural trip to Boston at UFC 118.

Their first battle was a very close methodical fight that went to a five round decision, in which the judges gave it to Edgar by seemingly inaccurate scores, especially from rogue judge Douglas Crosby whom awarded Edgar a 50-45 victory.

One has to wonder what was up with Penn and if he is past it now, because he did not look like his usual self in Abu Dhabi. He never went for a takedown yet was cleanly taken down once by Edgar, something which was thought to be nearly impossible.

As for Edgar, he’ll get to prove whether or not he is the real lightweight champ. Two victories over BJ may make this man a god-like figure of some sorts.

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