Brock Lesnar on Heyman Hustle Video

Brock Lesnar sits down with WWE commentator Paul Heyman to discuss his part in the new WWE 12 game he will appear in.  Brock also discusses how he has overcome a serious illness and is now health again.  Unfortunately, Lesnar has told the fans and public multiple times in the past that he was healthy and been forced from fights due to illness or injury.  Lesnar is scheduled to make his anticipated return to the Octagon after a year off from fighting against perhaps one of the most dangerous heavyweights in the world, Alistair Overeem.  When asked about the fight with Overeem at UFC 141, Brock Said he is approaching this fight ” Hungrier than he ever has.”  “I’m a healthier person, I don’t have to eat like a rabbit……I can just be myself again,” Said the former WWE and UFC Champion.  Although we wish Lesnar the best in terms of health, we will have to wait for UFC 141 in December to see how the former Champ performs in his return to the Octagon.

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