StrikeForce Challengers Trevor Smith Ready For Victory (MP) had the chance to chat with Trevor Smith (TS) who is competing on the main card of StrikeForce Challengers 20 this Friday in Las Vegas, NV.  Trevor Smith will face TJ Cook in a light heavyweight bout on a card that also features Olympic Judo Medalist Ronda Rousey and Antwain Britt.

MP: Trevor you wrestled at powerhouse Iowa. Could you give us some background on your college career?

TS:  I was a college all-american. Wrestling was my life, I really believe everything I have now is because of wrestling

MP:   When did you move to MMA, and how is the transition from wrestling to MMA going?

TS:  I have only been training MMA for 3 years. I had so much success in my first amateur fight, that I turned pro very early. My pro MMA record is 8-1, and I have learned more from the one loss than the 8 wins. I believe I will win friday night because of what I learned from that one loss. I learned from wrestling always to go for the finish, and my record reflects that.  The transition from wrestling was very easy, I am very aggressive, and I always go for the finish! My MMA fights look a lot like my wrestling matches!

MP:   You are 8-1 in your MMA career and mentioned that you learned more from the 1 loss, than from the 8 victories.  What exactly did you learn from the sole defeat you have suffered thus far in your MMA career?

TS:  To stay with the game plan. I got away from it because I was having so much success with my striking, and trying to make for exciting fight. Friday night I am going to make sure I get the W.

MP:  You have a big fighting coming up this Friday against TJ Cook in StrikeForce, What do you know about your opponent?
TS:  TJ is a great fighter with a lot of experience. I do not think he can stay with the pace I will set Friday night!

MP:  Can you give us a little hint on what your game plan might be?

TS:  I will be looking to finish every second of the fight.

MP:  How has your camp been going for this fight, and who have you been training with?

TS:  I am so ready to fight, weight is good, no injuries, great camp, and ready to fight.

MP:  Is there anyone you would like to thank?

TS:  Yes I would like to thank Training Mask, Lexani,, Affliction, Throwdown, Extreme Couture,, McCracken Chiropratic and Wellness.




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