Siyar The Killer UFC 142 in Brazil “I Don’t Take Prisoners” recently spoke to Siyar Bahadurzada aka Siyar The Killer, is set to make his UFC debut at UFC 142 in Brazil.  Siyar has amassed a record of 20-4-1 on his way to becoming the Shooto Light heavyweight Champion and winning the Ultimate Glory Welterweight title.  Siyar talks about making the move to the UFC for his debut against Erick Silva.  Siyar talks about his aggressive style of fighting and how he developed it; saying before he had formal training, he had the killer instinct.  Siyar makes note, that he does not take prisoners when he fights and is looking for the knockout at all times.  Siyar contributes his aggressive style to knowing that he will win the exchanges when the punches fly.  Siyar makes note that he doesn’t even look to defend the other guy’s punches, because he knows that his own punches will land first.  Enjoy the video interview below and getting to know the newest member of the UFC, Siyar the Killer.

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Rumored Fight Card for UFC 142 in Rio


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