Update From Cris Cyborg Camp


Cris told me she was given what she was told was a “Diet Pill/Diuretic”….the UCLA Lab states it was a stanozolol metabolites…Our doctor states that stanozolol metabolites have a diuretic effect, and can be used as such.

She is really torn up over this, as essentially she is being accused of being a cheater….(She comes over and plays video games with us many times, and if we beat her, she will often take the game home and practice till she can beat us…she is THAT competitive…but she would never cheat.) I’ve known her many years, and this is completely out of character for her…

In response to a post made by MMA Journalist FrontRowBrian, stating that someone at Arena MMA saw Cris being injected by a needle; that is absolutely false. Cris actually has a fear of needles. Cris tested positive for a pill form substance that she thought was a diuretic tablet pill and Cris says the affects from the pill were that she would urinate frequently and lose water weight.

Cris Cyborg’s Management has just confirmed via one of their personal doctors that the substance Cris tested positive for can be Orally Ingested and does have diuretic effects; supporting Cris’ claim that she took a pill from someone in her camp that she believed was a diuretic for cutting weight.

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