UFC 151 CANCELLED: 1st time in UFC history

Today, UFC President Dana White made a major announcement regarding UFC 151. “This is one of my all time lows” being President for 11 years. UFC 151 has been cancelled. Dan Henderson has a partial tear in his MCl and has pulled out. This is the first time in UFC history an entire event has been cancelled. Chael Sonnen tried to step in to take the fight, but was denied by Jon Jones, who refused to take a new fight on 8 days notice.

Jon Jones refused other opponents and his coach Greg Jackson said he will not take a new fight on short notice. Chael Sonnen offered to fight Jones on no notice and without training and Jones’ camp refused. Dana White does not seemed pleased and calls Greg Jackson a “Fucking Sports Killer…..He’s from another planet.”

Dana White compares Jones to being as difficult as Tito Ortiz. The first champion to ever turn down a match in UFC history.

Dana White said he does not know if Dan Henderson will be the number 1 contender when he returns.

Dana White is clearly not happy with Jon Jones. White said this changes his relationship “a lot” with Jon Jones.

“We lose shit loads of money..we’ve spent shitloads of money on this fight.” said Dana White the UFC President.

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