Video: UFC 170 Ronda Rousey “I’m not going anywhere”

Ronda Rousey on her victory: “It’s extremely satisfying to win and to do it with my standup. I promised my coach I’d do it with a body shot. We knew she was a wrestler and she was going to be bent over.”


Rousey if she was surprised by anything McMann did: “I didn’t expect her to come out swinging. I thought she was going to be more cautious. I had to adjust in the middle of the fight. That’s why we don’t really do game plans too much in the fights and we just make it up.”


Rousey on a future fight against Cris Cyborg: “Of course I’m interested. I’m not going anywhere – she knows where I’m at.”


Rousey on when she’ll fight next: “I always tell Dana White I can fight on 24 hours’ notice if he needs me to. I’ve got Entourage coming up in the next month, then the Expendables coming out in August. But I’m always ready. I’d probably like to fight late summer again.”

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