Justin Wren “If I could wear that Bellator strap and get some real respect”

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Justin Wren returns from Congo In Africa, to make his return to MMA under the Bellator Banner at the end of the month.  Wren has been on a journey, helping to bring working water wells and clean water to the Pygmy tribe that has now become his new family.  Although, they have no true understanding of MMA or televised fights in the cage, Justin will go to battle for his people inside, hoping to raise awareness and additional funds, to provide clean drinking water for his people.  In this interview, Wren describes both the most positive and the most negative experiences in the Kongo, his life before walking down the straight and narrow path and much more.  From seeing the tragedies such as death and slavery, to literally saving live’s via building water wells with his own bare hands, this is truly as amazing story.



We also had King Mo on the show at the 15 minute mark.  We also open the show with a special beer of the week and a recap of the latest MMA news.  This episode also features callers giving their take on the Bill Cosby Sex scandal, our “told ya so” segment of the week, Gino Smith of the New York Jets getting punched out and much much more.

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