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Mike Tyson on if he would have fought MMA Video

Tweet Former heavyweight boxing champion and star of BEING: MIKE TYSON, Mike Tyson on if he would have fought MMA: “I would have. My ego would have told me I’m the best and I would have tried it.”

TUF Coach breaks a bat with one kick Video

Tweet Muay Thai legend Melchor Menor, joins Team Tate as a guest trainer and shows the team how to accept and block pain while breaking a baseball bat with a kick.

Boxing: Floyd Mayweather vs. Saúl Álvarez Results

Tweet Floyd Mayweather vs. Saúl Álvarez, billed as “The One“, is an upcoming boxing light middleweight championship super fight. The bout will be held on September 14, 2013, in the MGM Grand Garden Arena, at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, on Showtime PPV. Mayweather will make a minimum of $41.5 million for this fight. The card will also feature some […]

Mike Tyson Talks About Battling Sobriety: 6 days sober

Tweet Mike Tyson Talks About Battling Sobriety:  6 days sober and apologizing to Teddy Atlas.

Jessica Penne begins her road back to the belt at Invicta FC 6

Tweet innagural Invicta FC 105lbs Atom weight champion Jessica Penne begins her road back to the title on July 13th, at Invicta FC 6 when she faces Nicdali Rivera.  

King Mo Explains why He knocked out a boxer the other day “He Thought I was A punk”

Tweet MMA Fighter and Pro Wrestler King Mo Lawal talks about a recent video circling the internet where he knocked out another man during a boxing practice. King Mo says that the boxer thought he was a punk for doing MMA and that some boxers do not respect MMA. King MO as a result had […]

Kimbo Slice Miracle Last Second KO in Boxing Match

Tweet Kimbo Slice made his 4th appearance in the ring this weekend as a professional boxer.  After losing arguable every round in the fight, Kimbo was losing on the score cards with only seconds remaining in the fights.  Out of nowhere, the gassed Slice threw an uppercut with all his might that landed flush, on […]

Adult Star Jesse Jane’s MMA Fitness Workout (Video)

Tweet Adult Film Star Jesse Jane is known for having excellent cardio and conditioning when it comes to her on screen performances. MMAprime.tv found out that one of her secrets is doing MMA style conditioning with an actual strength and conditioning coach, Michael Giovanni. Watch below, as we try to keep up with her during […]

Michele “Diablita” Gutierrez: “I’m not wasting these hands on some schmuck” Knocks Out Reporter

Tweet Professional Female Boxer and MMA Fighter Michele Diablita Gutirrez talk about her upcoming year in 2012, the state of female MMA, having to lay hands on some schmucks in vegas, her upcoming fight Feb 11th and much more. She finishes off by punching out the reporter.

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