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Eddie Bravo: “Absolutely (Ralek Gracie) attempted to sabotage my tournament”

Tweet EP: 7 of the Brutally Honest Show  Eddie Bravo : Absolutely (Ralek Gracie) attempted to sabotage my show, Eddie Bravo talking the EBI on August 15th.  Beneil Dariush vs Michael Johnson UFC preview.  Ronda Rousey UFC 190 recap.  Rowdy Rody Piper Funeral respects paid wwe memories.  Beer and MMJ of the week; Palhares and […]

Former UFC/WWE Champion Brock Lesnar Faces Multiple Charges in Canada

Tweet Former UFC and WWE heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, has been charged with 3 counts Brock Lesnar Faces Charges in Medicine Hat Court (Story reporter by http://www.cjcyfm.com/news-and-info/local-news/brock-lesnar-faces-charges-in-medicine-hat-court-2547/) Brock Lesnar was on the docket in Medicine Hat Provincial Court Thursday.  Lesnar is accused of some improper hunting activity during a recent tirp to Alberta, Canada.  Fish […]

UFC 141: Overeem vs Lesnar Video Trailer

Tweet Allistair Overeem makes his UFC debut at UFC 141 and predicts that there is no way Lesnar will last two rounds in the cage with him. This is an interesting match up because Overeem is regarded as one of the top heavyweight strikers in the world and Lesnar is regarded as one of the […]

Overeem Speaks Out: He will fight at UFC 141 (Sending Lesnar Back to WWE)

Tweet Over the past week, and especially the last 24 hours, rumors have been circulating that Allistair Overeem was not going to compete in UFC 141 against Brock Lesanr to conclude the UFC event schedule for 2011.  Overeem recently left Las Vegas to be with his ill mother in Holand, as well as rumors that […]

Brock Lesnar on Heyman Hustle Video

Tweet Brock Lesnar sits down with WWE commentator Paul Heyman to discuss his part in the new WWE 12 game he will appear in.  Brock also discusses how he has overcome a serious illness and is now health again.  Unfortunately, Lesnar has told the fans and public multiple times in the past that he was […]

Brock Lesnar “The Gloves Are Off.” Back to WWE

Tweet Brock Lesnar is taking off the gloves and stepping back into the squared circle; for the WWE 12 video game.  I doubt Brock is healthy enough to endure the WWE again in real life, but he will be reintroduced to the WWE via the 12th installment of the WWE video game.  

Former WWE Star Bobby Lashley Books MMA Title Fight

Tweet Perhaps, one of the physically imposing heavyweights in MMA, former WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley steps into the cage looking for an MMA title belt on November 11th. Lashley will headline the Shark Fights against current Shark Fights Heavyweight Champion Darill Schoonover. Perhaps best known by his cruel and inappropriate nickname “Titties,”which was bestowed upon […]

UFC 141 Video: Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem Trailer

Tweet UFC 141 will feature a heavyweight fight of epic porportion between Brock Lensar and Alistair Overeem. Announced bouts The following fights have been confirmed by UFC.com, but not yet added to the Official Fight Card. Heavyweight bout: Alistair Overeem vs. Brock Lesnar[6] Welterweight bout: Jake Ellenberger vs. Diego Sanchez[6] Light Heavyweight bout: Alexander Gustafsson […]

Brock Lesnar vs Allistair Overeem Slated for Dec. 30th UFC Event

Tweet UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship “Big guys, big fights – five rounds of Brock vs. Reem set for Dec 30 at MGM Grand!”   According to the Official UFC facebook page, Brock Lesnar will face Allistair Overeem in a 5 round fight on December 30th at the MGM Grand in Las vegas, NV. The fans […]

Brock Lesnar Not Retiring According to UFC President Dana White.

Tweet Over the past several days there have been rumors that Brock Lesnar would be retiring from MMA on the advice of his medical team. Brock Lesnar has been suffering from a disease called Diverticulitis since 2009 and has had 2 major surgeries as a result.  Lesnar recently released a video of himself hunting and […]

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